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Roll call and some reminders.

Okay, the game will start this Monday (the 5th) and I need to check if everyone is still on board. I know that 49seconds/eternal_rosalie is having internet problems so she will probably be absent for a while, but as for everyone else, are you still game? Comment to let us know :D

Once the RP starts Monday that will be the day that Bella has officially become a vampire (in this RP's storyline). Just letting everyone know that so they can remember that for their posts.

Again, this RP, basically anything goes. Make posts about reminisces (ex: Alice remembering her first encounter with Jasper), ask certain characters something (ex: Bella might be asking Alice, Rosalie and maybe Tanya for some "advice") or make random posts that will get all the characters involved somehow (ex: Favorite "snacks", what did everyone do for New Years or whatever). Make it fun. :) And with Bella's change, Tanya in the mix, and Rosalie not being very accepting, things could get dramatic.

And remember when you make your posts tag them (ex: Bella's Diary, Emmett's Diary and etc so it keeps everyones posts in order).

Also we're still missing a Carlisle so if any of you would like to spread the word that we're in need of a Carlisle, go ahead and do so because Esme needs her darling doctor :D

Thanks again everyone!

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EDIT: And I have a question for all of you. I know I said to "f-lock" the posts, but what I would like to know is that would you like this to be just between the players? Or would it be okay for others (non-players) to view what we post? Just wondering. :)
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