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Welcome to the Meadowlands

meadow_landsis a Twilight based RPG. The events that happened in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse exist here. Breaking Dawn does not.

This isn't your average RPG. Consider this a Cullen family diary. Yes, that means this RPG focuses entirely on the Cullens and Bella only. This is where the Cullens reminisce on their past, present and future and each Cullen can respond to their diary-like entry. Whether it is a poignant memory, a recent event or even just joking around each Cullen turns to each other in a way that makes their bond even stronger.

Like in the book, the meadow was a significant part of the story where Edward and Bella came together and revealed their true selfs and where their love blossomed. Meadowlands is exactly that, revelations of the Cullen family to bring them even closer together... or maybe further apart.

~ Story ~

Edward and Bella are newlyweds and they, along with the whole Cullen family have moved out of Forks and up to Denali. It's a new chapter for the Cullen family as Edward must now keep his promise and make Bella his immortal wife. But some troubles could arise as Tanya is also part of the family and causes tensions between everyone along with Rosalie.

meadow_lands  will follow the Cullens and the events that unfold right before their eyes while they take trips down memory lane, discuss current events and the possible future.

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